Catering Menu

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  • Tres Leches (Serves 3) $50

    White cake drenched in fresh milk, evaporated and condensed milk topped with sweet whipped cream

  • Flan De Caramelo (Serves 3) $50

    Cream homemade caramel crusted drizzled with a rich syrup

Side Orders

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  • Arroz Blanco(Serves 8-10) $25

    White Rice

  • Frijoles Pintos(Serves 8-10) $25

    Pinto Beans

  • Tostones (30 Count) $25

    Green Plantains

  • Maduros(70 Count) $25

    Ripe Plantains

  • Arroz Blanco(Serves 8-10) $25

    White Rice

  • Vegetales Al Vapor(Serves 8-10) $30

    Steamed Vegetables

  • Ensalada De Frutas(Serves 8-10) $30

    Fruit Salad

  • Lechón Asado(Serves 8-10) $90

    Roasted pork shredded with sautéed onions. Served with 3 sides.

  • Arroz Con Pollo(Serves 8-10) $75

    Shredded chicken with yellow rice & mix-vegetables served with house salad and sweet plantains. Served with 2 sides.

  • Ropa Vieja(Serves 12-15) $110

    Shredded beef mixed with peas, red bell peppers and yellow onions served with white rice, pinto beans & sweet plantains. Served with 3 sides.

  • Pollo A La Plancha(Serves 8-10) $95

    Chicken breast marinated with lemon pepper, white wine & olive oil cooked on flat topped to perfection served with white rice pinto beans and sweet plantains. Served with 3 sides.

Filete De Tilapia

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  • A La Plancha(Serves 12-15) $120

    Breaded or sautéed tilapia filets served with white rice, pinto beans, and sweet plantains. Served with 3 sides.

  • Churrasco (Serves 12-15) $130

    10-oz USDA choice skirt steak grilled marinated in a homemade sauce served with white rice, pinto beans, and sweet plantains. Served with 3 sides

  • Paella(Serves 12-15) $120

    Fresh homemade Paella Spain style. A combination of imported chorizo, chicken breast strip with the finest mix seafood such as clams, mussels, calamari and shrimp; made in flavorful parboiled rice with white wine, peppers, onions and azafran seasoning.

  • Sandwiches(Serves 8-10) $65

    Grilled chicken or steak sandwich served with lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, mayonnaise and French fries or Cuban style.

  • Arepa De Choclo Con Queso (Serves 8-10) $40

    Sweet corn cake topped with white cheese

  • Tacos(Serves 8-10) $50

    Chicken, steak or beef tongue served with Pico de Gallo

  • 20 Emanadas $35

    Carne (Beef Patty) / Pollo (Chicken Patty)

  • Ceviche De Camarones(Serves 8-10) $120

    Fresh shrimp boiled cooked blended with fresh lime juice, chopped tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil served with roasted cancha corn chips

  • Quesadillas(Serves 3-5) $50

    Chicken breast, steak or pork loin with tomatoes, cheddar and jack cheese in a soft tortilla served with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo

  • Chips Con Guacamole(Serves 3-5) $12.99

    Flavorful homemade guacamole, the best creamy taste of hass avocado, onions and tomatoes served with crunchy chips

  • Nachos(Serves 3-5) $12.99

    Crunchy chips covered with cheese sauce, homemade guacamole, fresh pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapeños

  • House Salad(Serves 2-3) $20

    Garden fresh mix of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro and house dressing

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